Shame on These Companies for Fighting to Make Tax Preparing Harder

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Photo: Rochelle Hartman , Flickr. The number of taxpayers taking advantage of the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) hit a new record in 2013, the latest year for which data is available. That’s good news, since the powerful credit is aimed to make life a little easier for low-income workers, offering an average benefit of Read more

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Rolls-Royce Share Price: How Much Should You Pay for a Profitless Stock?

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Most Americans probably think of this when they hear “Rolls-Royce.” Image source: Rolls-Royce Motor Cars . Rolls-Royce  : The name conjures up images of luxury motor cars, flaunted by billionaires and coveted by Saudi sheikhs. But here’s something you may not know: Rolls-Royce doesn’t even build those luxury cars anymore. ( BMW  does.) And here’s Read more

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This Is the Average Credit Card Interest Rate Across America. How Do You Compare?

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Source: To borrow (and modify) a phrase from Dunkin’ Donuts, America runs on credit! Credit cards grow in importance According to the latest consumer credit report from the Federal Reserve in July, consumers’ revolving debt balance increased for the fifth consecutive month to $914.6 billion, up $4.3 billion from the previous month. This represents Read more

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Are Big Pharma Stocks Grossly Overvalued?

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Source: AstraZeneca. When it comes to investing in drug developers, there’s Big Pharma, blue-chip biotechs, and pretty much everyone else. Only one in 10 drug developers is profitable on a recurring basis, meaning the vast majority of drug developers are losing money while trying to develop their product portfolios. The remaining group of profitable drug Read more

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Chipotle (Still) Shouldn't Worry About Taco Bell

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Three years ago, prominent hedge fund manager David Einhorn recommended that investors bet against high-flying burrito roller Chipotle Mexican Grill . Fast-food giant Yum! Brands had recently rolled out a new set of higher-end entrees at its Taco Bell chain, called the “Cantina Bell” menu. Einhorn argued that this new menu — which offered higher-quality Read more

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